Why Us

  • Independently Owned
  • 30 Years' Experience
  • Expert Court Reporters
  • Dedicated Professionals
  • Friendly Staff
  • Technologically Advanced

What We Do

  • Court Reporting
  • Videographer Services
  • Video Conferencing
  • Records Subpoenas
  • Online Repositories
  • Statewide Scheduling

Special Services

Conference Rooms:

Phillips/Sacramento Deposition Reporters has complimentary conference rooms available with free WiFi access and ample free parking at both Sacramento locations. San Francisco complimentary conference room also available. We can book your conference rooms throughout California.


Through our videoteleconference center participate in a deposition or meeting anywhere in the
world. With our state-of–the-art, IP-to-IP equipment enjoy a clean and clear video-audio connection on a large screen.

Online Access to your calendar, transcripts, subpoenas, video:

View your calendared depositions and access transcripts and exhibits 24/7 through our secure repository. Use your login and password to access past transcripts, exhibits, videos and invoices.See your future calendared items. Request a records subpoena be produced and served. View the status of subpoenaed records and access records as they are produced to our office as records custodian.

PDF Portfolios:

We supply your transcripts and exhibits in a PDF portfolio built on the latest PDF Portfolio technology.We will email you a link for downloading your transcripts and exhibits for quick access while your hard copy is in transit. Time Savings - Quick navigation, searching, printing, distributing and archiving of transcripts and exhibits Added Value - Bundled full size, condensed transcript, word index & exhibits into one PDF portfolio file Powerful Searches - Search transcript and exhibits Easy Viewing - Free non-proprietary Adobe Reader to view and print transcript & exhibits

Realtime Depositions:

Phillips/Sacramento Deposition Reporters can provide you with realtime transcription feed from their stenotype-computer connection enabling you to refer to and annotate testimony throughout the deposition.We will even provide a laptop for viewing the realtime so you are assured of a problem-free connection every time. Ask for an electronic rough draft transcript at the end of the deposition if you need immediate access to the testimony.

Remote Depositions:

Phillips/Sacramento Deposition Reporters can provide Webstreamed realtime testimony over the internet. In addition, we can provide a video and audio feed of the deposition directly to your computer. Save money and time by taking or attending a deposition via a secure internet connection from your location rather than traveling.

Transcript and Exhibit Linking:

Phillips/Sacramento Deposition Reporters will link your deposition and exhibits and provide them to you on CD.In addition, a secure email link is sent for electronic access to the transcript and exhibits. No software is necessary on your end. We are also able to provide Summation users with a Summation Briefcase File for depositions and exhibits.


A Certified Shorthand Reporter can produce a transcript of a previously recorded matter as accurately and expeditiously as possible


Phillips/Sacramento Deposition Reporters can videotape your deposition and provide it on a CD or DVD. In this format, you'll be able to view the deposition on your computer instead of using a videotape player. The videotaped proceedings can be synchronized with the deposition transcript to produce a searchable video. Search for a keyword or phrase in the transcript and the synchronizing software will find and play back the corresponding segment of video. Create clips and export them to various presentation programs or use our built-in presentation software

Electronic Document Repositories:

In complex cases with thousands or millions of documents, your deposition transcripts, exhibits, and other media can be uploaded to our secure, password-protected repository for search and retrieval by you or your legal team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.